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May 18 2018

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Daniel Radcliffe on set of Guns Akimbo

We live in such a strange reality that my honest to God first thought was that this was just Daniel Radcliffe on a saturday night

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May 01 2018




Whats the saddest meal you can think of?

…………cheesy peasy…..


concept: you show me your favorite song. you put one earbud in your ear, and the other in mine. you rest your head on my shoulder and my heart skips a beat. I love that you share the things you like with me.

April 30 2018



my cousin’s cat was acting really weird today, freaking out and not letting anyone near her, hissing and growling, and it got so concerning they decided to take her to the vet

it took two adults to get the cat into the carrier and in the process my aunt got clawed so badly she had to go to the emergency room for shots/stitches, so eventually the cat gets to the vet

the vet has to sedate her to take a look and it turns out she has a piece of tape on her leg that’s scaring her real bad. and that’s all

proportionate to how i react 

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Today’s anime dog of the day is:

Weed from Ginga Densetsu Weed (2005)

this dog’s fuckin name is


April 25 2018


just a small dumb bitch…. living in a lonely ditch

March 25 2018

March 16 2018




Being up at 4-5 am is like loading in a level but the textures haven’t loaded all the way through yet.

i like this text post a lot because it’s a comparison between two extremely different styles of humor despite it, effectively, being the same joke

February 27 2018

February 22 2018

time for a little controversy




me: *finishes task*
me: dopamine please
brain: *releases dopamine*
me: thank you
brain: youre welcome

unrealistic. Blocked and reported

me: *struggles to begins task*
me: please… i need… dopam-
brain: NO
me: please, I have a large feelings they are starving
brain: FINE how about some adrenaline?!?!




i ate 6 sandwiches in like 4 minutes and now i can’t move

I can offer mouth to mouth.

don’t you dare extract any of my sandwiches



hey guys. this is my invention. check it out

listen no matter how depressed I am whenever this post shows up on my dash I fucking lose it I just laugh so hard, it’s such a good post. The way it’s presented? Soap on a sink nozzle, okay clearly this is some sort of handwashing appliance. Then there’s just water going everywhere no further explanation it’s so good I’m so happy

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